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Read IT To Report Admins OF WWIV Empty Read IT To Report Admins OF WWIV

on Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:34 pm
WE Are Sorry IF You Received or Saw Any Bad Things From WWIV Admin. IF You Want TO Report Them, You Are IN The Right Place.

You Have TO Create A New Thread, Follow This This Format. !(Don't Copy All The Lines From This Thread, Just The Format Only)!

*Your In-Game Name:- //Write IT Here //Forum Account Name Too!

*How Long You Have Been Part OF This Community?:- //Write IT Here

*Name OF The Admin You Want TO Report:- //Write The Name Here

*Reason TO Report:- //Write IT Here

*DO You Ever Jailed, Warned, Banned, Kicked From This Server? IF Yes, Why?:-

*Other Message:- //Write IT Here


WE Love TO Talk With Our Community Players And Members, Send US An E-Mail! AT codwwgaming@gmail.com
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