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Format For Unban Players Empty Format For Unban Players

on Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:59 am
Banned? This IS The Right Place TO Unban!

IF You Are Admin And Got Banned? There NO Way TO Get Your Administration Back! IF You Don't Banned Unfairly!

Admin Who Will Ban Players Unfairly Will BE Remove HIS Administrative And They Will Also Get Ban!

Here IS The Format You Have TO Follow (Don't Copy All OF The Lines IF You Going TO Create Your New Thread IN This Section)


Your In-Game Name:- //Write IT Here  //Forum Account Name Too!

Why You Got Banned? :- //Write IT Here  

What DO You Think About The Reason You Banned For? :- //Write IT Here  //Should BE 2 Lines Sentence

Why Should WE Unban You? :- //Write IT Here //Should BE 2 Lines Sentence

Your In-Game Scores? :- //Write IT Here (IF You Don't Know, Leave IT Here)

Which Administrator Banned You? :- //Write HIS/HER Name

What's Your Unban Date? :- //Write The Date Here (Like 1-1-2018)  


IF You Banned Unfairly While Preparing For Being Admin Here, Don't Worry, You Still Got Chance TO BE A Part OF The Staff Team ;D


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